About Us

Celis Produce is committed to making your life easier when it comes to making healthier choices for yourself and your family.

Our mission is to deliver fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to homes and offices in Palm Beach County. Being born and raised here and seeing how tedious and difficult it is to find quality produce, we felt the need to make buying organic much more convenient and affordable.

Back to our roots

We have been involved with produce our entire lives with our father being a wholesale produce distributor since 1990 and felt this was the perfect direction to take as we became more conscious of the benefits of going organic.

Our crew is on the road making deliveries from Monday to Wednesday. You can also catch us at different farmers markets on Saturdays and Sundays. We pride ourselves in providing only certified, 100% organic produce to the most convenient location for our customers, whether it’s at home or work. Our priority is customer satisfaction and we incorporate that into everything we do, starting from the simplicity of the order process, all the way to the freshness and top quality of our product.

Join us on the fresh ride! Become a member by ordering your first share today!

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