Performance Bundle

Performance Bundle

Dominic Scalzo

Certified Nutrition Coach and Trainer

In light of the whole “New Year, New You” mentality, we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2017 than by introducing Dominic Scalzo, a local Certified Nutrition Coach and Trainer. This passionate, caring, and all around awesome dude draws inspiration from his clients on a daily basis by committing himself to helping people achieve a better quality of life, while finding true happiness within. Lucky for us, he’ll be curating a weekly Performance Bundle really catered towards athletes or anyone (and we mean that) seeking to perform better at their craft. And we’re totally humbled and happy to have him here!

This product includes the following items:

  • 5 x Organic Sweet Potatoes, 1 lb
  • 2 x Organic Cauliflower, head
  • 2 x Organic Strawberries, 1 lb
  • 4 x Organic Hass Avocados, each
  • 2 x Organic Yellow Onions, each
  • 1 x Organic Garlic Colossal, head
  • 1 x Organic Bananas, 2 lb bunch
  • 2 x Organic Spring Mix, 5oz
  • 2 x Organic Local Lacinato Kale, bunch
  • 5 x Organic Yellow Peaches, 1lb
  • 3 x Organic Apple Cripps Pink, each


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